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No Residue Surface Protective Film

No glue&ink transfer on surface after peeling.

    Our PE protective film is mainly applied to the surface protection of special product whose base material is required to be PE protective film with no glue.

Features of Special Protective Film:

1. The protective film can protect the target surface from pollution, corrosion and scratches during production, transportation, storage and installation, etc.

2. It leaves no residue of glue or trace on the surface of target.

3. It is easy to attach and remove.

4. The product has stable adhering capacity.

5. It can be printed with company's logo, trademark, advertising messages etc

PE Protective Film Application:

Our special protective film can be applied on the following materials.

1. Metal sheet

2. Stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet (mill finish, polished finish, brushed finish, coating finish, corona finish

3. anodized finish, oxidation treatment)

4. Aluminum composite panel (different surface finish)

5. Aluminum section materials (different surface finish)

6. Plastic sheet (PVC, ABS, PS, PC, PMMA)

7. Building and decoration sheet

8. Furniture

9. Glass

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