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What conditions should be met for the good quality protective film

    Nowadays the market competition of plastic protection film is more and more intense, a lot of manufacturers only pay attention to the price of protective film, often easy to ignore the quality of protection film, you know a good quality protective film what conditions need? Now let me tell you that a good quality protective film is sure to meet the following conditions, and the requirements for the quality of the protective film are summarized as follows:

surface PE protection films

    The first point: first of all, the protective film has good adhesion to the protected material. During the material handling and processing, the protective film will not become warped and fall off.

    The second point: the protective film has good weather resistance and stick strength stability, after a few days or long paste peeling force growths is not significant, easy to peel off, in the peel off the surface of the protection is not retained residual glue, no pictures.

    The third point: strong tenacity is good, protective film quality asks facial film to be able to bear the impact force that sprays emery reaches 6~8 kilograms, can break through the otherwise protective film to break through the object that is being processed.

    The fourth point: there is a proper viscosity, not only can adhere to, firmly pasted on the body to be protected, and can be successfully removed after the completion of the processing of the protective film, protective film quality requirements not because of brittle thin fracture, tear.

    The fifth: breaking and adding unnecessary trouble.

    The sixth: the protective film is inert to the surface of the protected material

    The seventh point: low crystal point

surface PE protection films

    Real good quality protective film, not by the price to about, the choice of the good quality protective film is crucial, the above is a good quality protective film to meet the conditions, if you do not understand can consult us at any time!