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PE Plastic Protection Film Five Kinds of Quality Common Problems

    PE protection plastic film products than a few years ago, there has been a great improvement in quality, but there are still a lot of details to be completed, of course, in fact, the protection plastic film products play a protection plastic role is a short time, which is understandable, from the following five aspects of the analysis of the quality of the protection plastic film:

Problem 1: protection plastic film degumming

    When the user profile after the installation, stripping down the protection plastic film will degummed residues on the profile products, appear this kind of problem has many possibilities, big may be protection plastic film products with pressure glue does not conform to the rules, that is too sticky, led to the stripping, PE protection plastic film products in the tension is greater than the internal stress and residual on the profile.

Solution: if the user appears this kind of problem, can dip in with clean dishcloth take a few alcohols, the sensitive adhesive that remains undertakes repeatedly rub try, until sensitive adhesive is wiped try clean, what need to pay attention to nevertheless is to be in when carrying on rub try must not be too hard, can affect the smooth degree of product of section material otherwise.

Problem two: paste is not firm

    Falls off, and in the process of transport and use between protected products paste unstable phenomenon, is the possibility of protection plastic film products in the production of pressure-sensitive adhesive is used when insufficient, there is another possibility is that the user to post-mold molding machine used by the pressure is not enough, or the profile surface is clean, no dust or paint, etc., influenced the sensitive adhesive paste effect!

Solution: if there is this problem will be targeted at the cause, the appropriate medicine, change sensitive adhesive to increase the pressure of the film, or when the film is applied to pay attention to the effective cleaning of the surface of the profile, to avoid such problems.

Problem three: PE protection plastic film after stripping residual adhesive

    PE protection plastic film residual adhesive has been a headache in the packaging industry, protection plastic film residual adhesive and the peeling off of the protection plastic film has a great relationship, to solve the problem of residual adhesive, from the peeling off of the protection plastic film as the starting point. The stronger the viscosity, the strength of the peeling force may be worse, the quality of the adhesive is worse, the strength of the peeling force is also worse.

Solution: the problem of protection plastic film residual adhesive can be used with an additional crosslinking agent, the reactivity of the diplomatic agent must be high enough that the curing temperature can be cured in the lower, but if the choice of substrate is PE film, because

    PE film itself has poor temperature resistance, the choice of curing agent curing temperature should not be too high. The external adhesive has a good response to the stripping force of emulsion protection plastic film.

Before removing the protection plastic film, use the hand or paper and other relatively flat things slightly pressure, but to pay attention to the resistance of the protected items, let the protection plastic film and the object surface adhesive force to enhance so that when tearing the protection plastic film can be removed from the surface of the residual glue together.

Problem four: difficulty in stripping the protection plastic film

    During the strip profile products installed, the protection plastic film can't effectively, there are two possibilities, one is the protection plastic film sensitive adhesive used for the product is not a special sensitive adhesive protection plastic film, if so, the protection plastic film on the paste when the effect is very good, of course, but will be very difficult in the shed, which is why some protection plastic film from the illegal protection plastic film products manufacturers often appear problem, another possibility is that the material too soft protection plastic film mother with the use, can't bear the tension when the shed when stripping appear rupture phenomenon, this is to let customers very headache problem.

Solve: these two kinds of reasons can be prevented by the way that chooses regular manufacturers to choose and buy actually. For the purchase of protection plastic film, users not only need to understand the relevant purchasing skills, everything should shop around, compare prices, services, as well as manufacturers' qualifications, strength, and customer evaluation to judge the choice.

Problem five: the two ends of the protection plastic film are raised

    The main reason for this phenomenon is that the protection plastic film and the protection of the profile in the paste process, its tensile degree is larger, after the post, in the high-temperature environment, there is an unnecessary shrinkage phenomenon, this problem is more on the products of southern customers.

Solution: we should pay attention to the effect of environmental temperature difference on the use of the product and avoid unnecessary surface stretching during the paste process.