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PE Plastic Protection Film Performance and use Requirements

PE protection Plastic Film Performance Requirements

1. The protection film is inert to the surface of the protected material

2. the protection film has good weather resistance and adhesive stability, after a few days or long adhesive force growth is not significant, easy to peel off, in the peel off the protection surface is not retained residual glue, no pictures.

3. The protection film has good adhesion to the protected material, and will not become warped or fall off during material handling and processing;

4. Low crystal point

PE protection Plastic Film use requirements

1. suitable viscosity: easy to paste and tear;

2. weather resistance: try to avoid direct sunlight to the place, use up to half a year;

3. Stable stripping force: a small change in time, that is, the smaller the rising range of stripping force, the better;

4. Excellent mechanical properties: the tensile strength, elastic modulus, and elongation that meet the requirements of users.

5. no pollution, no corrosion: the adhesive is inert, and will not be adhered to the surface of the chemical reaction;

6. Long storage life: store in the warehouse for more than one year with no change in quality;

PE protection Plastic Film development

In the development of society, human progress, people's requirements for the quality of life is also constantly improving, a variety of new things are also constantly emerging. It is such seemingly ordinary things that bring great convenience to our life.

In the past, many of our products in the process of transportation often appear problems, the common problem is the wear and tear, which caused a great economic loss. Because once some items wear out, they are basically useless.

At the same time, PE protection film in the production process in the continuous improvement, our use of the scope is also increasing.