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Adsorption function and application field of PE plastic protection film

     In the process of making the PE plastic protection film, corona treatment is usually carried out, which will increase the surface area of the film and bring static electricity, and then carry out the subsequent glue work, so that the film and the glue can be well combined.

     The PE plastic protection film will be effectively placed on the inner layer of the film. Its main material is EVA which has a certain adsorption function when it is used, so as to realize the entire adsorption function of the film. The electrostatic formulations of these two types of electrostatic membranes are also different in composition, and the quality and price of the products are also different. Static membranes with low prices will cause the electrostatic components to be transferred to the surface of the product, causing product defects and scrap.

     PE plastic protection film is a common surface plastic protection film in our daily life. Due to its good adhesiveness, conformability, and non-residual quality, it is widely used in mobile phones, laptop computers, TV screen surfaces, LCD screens, etc. field.

     In the production process of PE plastic protection film, the processing temperature of the barrel is appropriately increased and the method of poly cooling is adopted. It can improve the transparency of the film. In fact, to produce a transparent PP film, the water quenching method must be used. If air cooling is used, the PP blown film produced is fuzzy and translucent due to poor cooling effect. For this reason, appropriately increasing the processing temperature in production and adopting high-efficiency cooling means are effective ways to improve transparency. A small amount of polyacrylate resin with good compatibility and good compatibility with PE plastic protection film and PP plastic protection film is added.

     The raw material of PE plastic protection film is LLDPE, which is relatively soft and has certain stretchability. The general thickness is 0.05MM-0.15MM, and its viscosity varies from 5G-500G according to different requirements. Under the PE plastic protection film project, there are electrostatic film, textured film, etc. The electrostatic film is a kind of plastic protection film that takes electrostatic adsorption force as the adhesive force, and it has no glue at all. Of course, the viscosity is relatively weak, and it is mainly used for surface protection such as electroplating.