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What do PE protection plastic films have?

    There are many types of PE protection plastic film, which can be distinguished according to density, color, viscosity, and usage. These categories are widely used in daily life, industrial packaging, instruments, and other electronic equipment. Below small makeup in detail: PE protection plastic film types and PE protection plastic film use and other relevant knowledge.

PE protection plastic film type:

1, according to the density: PE protection plastic film is mainly based on special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the substrate, and then according to the different density is divided into high-density polyethylene protection plastic film, medium density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene three.

2, according to the color: high penetration PE protection plastic film, blue PE protection plastic film, PE milk-white film, PE mesh film, and so on.

3, according to the viscosity can be divided into micro sticky PE film, low sticky PE film, middle mucosa, secondary high mucosa, high mucosa, ultra-high sticky PE protection plastic film.

4, according to the use of more: plastic PE protection plastic film, steel PE protection plastic film, aluminum protection plastic film, die-cutting PE protection plastic film, sandblasting PE protection, and so on.

Application of PE protection plastic film:

1. Hardware industry: PE protection plastic film is used in the hardware industry in computer cases, galvanized sheet stamping, aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, titanium sheet, plastic sheet, glass sheet, solar panel, etc.

2. Optoelectronic industry: PE protection plastic film is used in LCD, backlight board, cold light sheet, thin-film switch, mobile phone screen, and so on in the optoelectronic industry.

3, the plastic industry: PE protection plastic film in the plastic industry used in ABS, PP injection products, PVC board, acrylic board, instruments, plastic lenses, painted parts surface protection, and so on.

4. Printing industry: PE protection plastic film is used in the printing industry for surface protection of PVC, PC board, aluminum board, film, and other printing nameplates.

5. Wire and cable industry: PE protection plastic film is used in the wire and cable industry to protect copper wire, semi-finished products, finished products, and finished products, which can effectively prevent dust pollution and prevent oxidation and dirt.

6, the electronic industry, in the production, PE protection film is generally used to protect the finished products and semi-finished products, not easy to appear on the assembly line scratches and damage, play a protection plastic role.

7, mobile phone digital industry, PE protection plastic film, also known as mobile phone beauty film, mobile phone protection plastic film, can be used to install the table mobile phone body, the screen of a cold surface film.

    PE protection plastic film at present its big advantage is to protect the product in the process of production, transportation, storage, and use protection from pollution, corrosion, scratch, to protect its original bright and shiny surface state, so as to improve the quality of products and market competitiveness.

PE protection plastic film with its unique advantages, favored by many businesses, widely used in various industries, is also expanding to more fields.