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The standard for distinguishing high viscosity plastic film from low viscosity protection film

    The classification of the high viscosity of protection plastic film with a low adhesive protection plastic film, the protection plastic film also has a viscosity, generally smooth surface protection plastic film is the electrostatic adsorption method, in order to avoid diaphragm sticking above can't deal with, but a lot of building materials such protection plastic film using high viscosity of protection plastic films, such as our common no rust steel protection plastic film, acrylic coating, etc, if don't tear will be difficult to deal with for a long time. A lot of new die-cutting to the concept of protection plastic film viscosity is not very clear, let us understand the distinction between high mucosa and low mucosa.

    The viscosity unit of the protection plastic film is g/25mm, which refers to the amount of g required to pull the 25mm wide spline. The performance of the protection plastic film is mainly divided into ultra-low adhesion protection plastic film (micro-adhesion protection plastic film), low-adhesion protection plastic film, medium-adhesion protection plastic film, high-adhesion protection plastic film, and ultra-high adhesion protection plastic film.

    In fact, a lot of times, some suppliers said 40 grams is a low viscosity, he said 3- 5 grams is ultra-low viscosity. 40 grams is no longer low-viscosity. Of course, this criterion is relative. If his standard is 50, that's fine. But as a general rule, we think of 10 grams or less as slightly viscous, with a slight viscosity.

    In fact, the division by viscosity is a rough concept: 3-20g-- microviscosity, 30--50- low viscosity, 50-80-- medium-low viscosity, 90-100 -- medium viscosity, 110-150-- medium-high viscosity, and 180 + -- high viscosity.

    Although there is no international standard for the division of adhesive force, for the die-cutting industry, the division of adhesive film is to choose more suitable die-cutting products of the protection plastic film. The basic principle of the choice of protection plastic film viscosity is the appropriate viscosity. Different surfaces require different viscosities.