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What is the aluminum sheet plastic protection film material?

    Aluminum sheet plate plastic protection film is what material, the use of plastic protection film is more common in the hardware industry, some plates, tubes, and other materials will see a plastic protection film to protect against scratches, basically smooth surface products will use plastic protection film, such as plastic, glass, stainless steel, aluminum plate and so on. The substrate of the plastic protection film is also divided into a variety of PET, PE, PP, PVC, AR, and so on. Now we will understand what is the substrate of the plastic protection film of aluminum plate.

    Aluminum plastic protection film base material is made of polyethylene (PE) material, and its characteristics are as follows:

    1. The aluminum plastic protection film has good flexibility and fast adhesion speed to the surface of the profile;

    2. Low peel strength increase rate after lamination; 

    3. High buffer strength.

    4. The stability of the plastic protection film pressure-sensitive adhesive is good, there is no residue after the product is pasted, and it will not have an adverse influence on the protected surface.

    Aluminum plastic protection film substrate (PE) color: transparent, milky white, black and white, yellow, and white, also according to the user's requirements or sample to determine the color.

    Application scope of PE plastic protection film of aluminum plate: it is mainly used for surface protection of aluminum (aluminum-plastic plate, fluorocarbon aluminum plate, decorative plate, etc.) so that it will not be damaged during transportation, storage, processing, and installation.

    The above is the aluminum plate plastic protection film is what material? PE material plastic protection film can be widely used in plastic, hardware, lenses, backlight board, etc., is scratch prevention, dustproof, electrostatic adsorption of the plastic protection film.