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Surface PE Plastic Protection Film Production Process

    PE plastic protection film production process, PE plastic protection film molding methods have a lot of, including flow, extrusion, blow molding these three processes are more common. Production process subdivision can be divided into the blown film, coating, printing, testing, rewinding, cutting, packaging, each process is different, each process and can not be lost, the production process of the plastic protection film determines the quality, we follow the PE plastic protection film manufacturers to see the whole production process.

PE plastic protection film:

The production process of PE plastic protection film is as follows:

Blowing>> coating >> printing >> detection >> rewinding >> cutting>> packaging

PE Film Blowing:

Blow molding film is the plastic melt plasticizing in the extruder, through the ring mold head into a film tube, by the compressed air will be blown out of the cooling finalize the design of the film.

PE Film Coating:

According to the PE plastic protection film specifications and applicable products, glue, and then by the professional coating machine will be adhesive evenly coated on the substrate.

PE Film Printing:

Intaglio printing machine by the plate soaked in the ink slot, by the scraper to remove the non-carving parts of the ink in the role of the embossing cots, and then transfer the ink to the substrate.

PE Film Detection:

PE plastic protection film in the batching, blowing film, printing, coating production process, there will be professional quality inspectors for product quality inspection.

PE plastic protection film production process

PE Film Rewinding:

Semi-finished products and finished products are rerolled on the inspection machine. If the error in shape, size, and color between the design feedback from the sensor and the standard sample input into the computer exceed a certain range, the inspection machine will automatically stop to check out. The inspection procedure can reduce the waste of the later procedure and improve product quality.

PE Film Cutting:

The cutting process is to divide the large size of the film into the required size of the process, now, with the application of automatic packaging equipment more and more widely, to film the form of the factory more and more.

PE Film Packing:

The finished products of PE plastic protection film are transported to the packaging machine for professional packaging.

    This is the whole process of PE plastic protection film production process, the finished product process of the plastic protection film: raw material glue - blown film - semi-finished product - glue - semi-finished product - environmental protection certification - testing - rewinding - cutting - finished product. Our company can customize pet plastic protection film, PE plastic protection film, complete specifications, color optional, viscosity optional. Purchase PE plastic plastic protection film can consult our customer service.