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Protective Film for Aluminum Composite Panel


Raw material:  Polyethylene (PE)

Adhesive type:  Water-based environmental-friendly glue

Thickness:  50-150micron

Width:  1000-1600mm


Adhesion:  50-300g/25mm

Color:  Black-white, Transparent, or customized

Printing:  No printing or printing logo / patterns in 1-4 colors

Features: Using environmental water based adhesive, no pungent smell; stable adhesion and good weather resistance; UV resistance, anti-aging ability, leaving no residual glue or trace on the surface; easy to apply and remove.

Function:  Mainly used for the surface protection of aluminum composite panels, so that it is not scratched during transportation, storage, processing and installation.


√ Temporary protection for up to 45 days(outdoor) and 1 year(indoor).

√ Films can be applied to the surface by hand or through machine lamination