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PE Protective Film for Surface Protect

  Aluminum Composite Panel Protection Film, PVC foam board, MDF sheet, UV sheet, Laminate Board Protection Film, Acrylic Protection Film , Wood Panel Protection Film, Painted Aluminum Sheet Protection Film, Aluminum Alloy Sheet Protection Film, Plastic Panel Protection Film , Sandwich Panel Protection Film, Steel Plate Protection Film, Metal Plate Protection Film.

PE Protective Film Advantage:
1. Our sheet protection film can protect the surface of window and door from pollution, corrosion and scratches during production, transportation, storage and installation, etc. 
2. It leaves no residue of glue or trace on the surface of target.
3. It is easy to attach and remove.
4. The product has stable adhering capacity.
5. It can be printed with company's logo, trademark, advertising messages etc.
6. It's so easy to stick on any products.